Sinisa Bjelic, Ph.D.

Dr. Bjelic holds currently a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor at Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences, Linnaeus University, in Kalmar. He is head of laboratory interested in computational simulation of biological molecules. Previously, Sinisa worked at University of Washington in David Baker’s laboratory as senior fellow. In Prof. Baker’s laboratory Sinisa carried out research with focus on protein engineering i.e., he employed combined computational and experimental methods to model proteins and to functionalize them for biotech/medical applications. During his postdoctoral time Sinisa changed his field of research from theoretical chemistry to protein engineering. He obtained Ph.D. with Johan Åqvist at Uppsala University where he studied enzyme catalysis and protein inhibition using a variety of methods based in molecular simulation.


Dick Sjöström, Ph.D. student

Dick has a Master of Science in Chemical Biology, which he attained at Linköping University. In his Master’s thesis at Linköping University Hospital, in Dr. Ghafouri’s group, he studied the proteome of women suffering from chronic trapezius muscle pain. The master program specialization Protein Science and Technology opened his eyes to protein engineering, which he now have good use of in his doctoral project, where he is studying protein-protein interactions to a receptor, using computational methods in combination with experimental methods.


Anneli Lundgren, research scientist




Panagiota Georgoulia, Ph.D., postdoc

Stella Hernandez Maganhi, Ph.D., visiting scientist

Saik Ann Ooi, Master’s project student

Vasileios Apostolou, Master’s thesis student

Lina Jansson, research scientist

Emma Malmberg, Bachelor’s student

Embla Holmgren, degree project student

Antonio Fernandez, degree project student